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DBN Invitational Top Board Set

The four preliminary rounds are now over for the inaugural Diplomacy Broadcast Network invitational, with the Super Seven having advanced to the top board to be held virtually on February 27. The top seed is Markus Zijlstra in the United Kingdom, followed in order by Australian Peter McNamara, Michigan’s Russ Dennis, Andrei Gribakov of California, Matthew Crill from Washington state, Texas resident Farren Jane, and Nicholas Sahuguet from Montreal. Sahuguet just barely beat out Iowa’s Maxim Popov (by one point) and California’s Jason Mastbaum (by two.) The final two games were both thrilling, and both lasted until 1918! To watch the preliminary rounds coverage, and to tune in live for the finals on Feburary 27, visit the DBN YouTube channel

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