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First-Timer Fogel Takes Dixiecon Crown

In his first visit to Dixiecon over the last weekend of May 2022, Chicago’s Brandon Fogel took first place on the strength of a 2-way draw with another first-timer to FTF Dixiecon, Ed Sullivan of Houston, who came in third. Longtime Dixiecon denizen Brian Ecton of Maryland took second, only four points behind Fogel, barely missing his chance to repeat as champion – Ecton won the event in 2005. This 36th edition of the Chapel Hill, NC-based tournament included 36 total players in the Diplomacy event, with another ten registered attendees on hand to play other games in the Iron Man tournament. You can watch the full Diplomacy Broadcast Network coverage of the event here and can review the full results here There will also be a complete written report in the next Diplomacy World and posted at the Dixiecon site here

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