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Captain Meme Runs First Blitzcon

Markus Zijlstra, known online as Captain Meme, has been promoting the newest format for Diplomacy play, which is called Blitz Press. This is a live online game, with five minute deadlines, using press for negotiation. After releasing videos on his Diplostrats YouTube channel explaining Blitz play, Markus just finished running a weekend tournament called Blitzcon, utilizing the vWDC Discord server for organization and WebDiplomacy as the platform. After eight rounds of play over three days, WebDip player Franz Broseph came out on top with well-known virtual face-to-face player Tim Crosby coming in second and Brandon Custer taking the bronze in third. If all of this sounds intriguing, you can try Blitz Press for yourself buy joining the Blitz Diplomacy Discord server using the following link:

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