Make Diplomacy Connections

Face-to-Face / Clubs


Some cities or regions have well-established Diplomacy clubs to help organize pickup games, runs leagues, or support tournaments.  If you are not near one of these clubs listed, why not start your own!  NADF representatives will be glad to help, and this primer from the Minnesota club should be helpful.  Here is a list of current Dipclubs:


The North American Diplomacy Federation  is led by President Siobhan Nolen of California, along with her Board members Randy Lawrence-Hurt of North Carolina, Tanya Gill of Ontario, Zachary Moore of Minnesota, and Riaz Virani  of British Columbia.  Siobhan and her crew would be glad to assist any hobbyist looking for information about the game, upcoming tournaments, playing online, or any other Dip-related subject.  Contact her at 

All tournaments sanctioned by the NADF enforce the Code of Conduct, a set of rules intended to promote fair play and a welcoming environment for all hobbyists.  You can access the COC on the NADF Discord server: 

Connect with Local Hobbyists

The NADF is building a network of Ambassadors in each geographic area of North America, ready to connect you with other Diplomacy fans in your area for face-to-face play, once Covid restrictions allow.  In the meantime, a Face-to-Face Registry has been established to allow players to connect with each other for house games and club play once the pandemic is over.  Sign up here: Registry  and here is an interactive map showing the location of Diplomacy players throughout the world: Registry Map


Websites / Facebook Groups

Many of the Discord servers and websites listed on the Play page would be excellent places to connect to the Diplomacy hobby.  In addition, Facebook has several groups and pages to help with this process such as World Diplomacy Face-to-Face,, a group for European players,,  a page for those affiliated with the DipBounced website., and the London Diplomacy Club


The Reddit group is very active, with thousands of posts per month, focused on game advice, hobby events, discussion topics and more.

Other online connections

David Cohen’s Diplomiscellany is focused mainly on variants. 

Diplomacy websites don’t just come in English.  Ludomaniac has been hosting games in the German language for almost 25 years.  To play in French, try the French language league for online play here:   To play in Italian, try

Redscape is a site which has been hosting human-GMed games since 2000, but is not exclusively devoted to Diplomacy, though that is still the predominant game played.

If you want a fun retro experience of playing Diplomacy like in the zine days, there are several options available to you online.  One is the LastOrders! online zine run from the UK by Simon Langley-Evans.  Another would be Doug Kent’s Eternal Sunshine which started as a postal zine decades ago but which now is an online publication.