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2021 League Play Kicks Off

The first two weekends of March saw both the Virtual Diplomacy League and the Tour of Britain begin the virtual face-to-face season off with a bang! Garry Sturley’s Tour boasted seven boards over two days, holding the first of four weekends of games to culminate in the crowning of a new King or Queen of England at the end of the last session coming up in November. Brit Mikalis Kamaritis leads so far, with Tom deGraaf of the Netherlands right behind. Zachary Moore’s VDL is a monthly contest of Diplomacy wits, utilizing a system designed to advance the top seven players to a league championship in January 2022. After the first day of the VDL, Morgante Pell of Vermont is out in front, with DBN’s own Brandon Fogel in Florida just one point behind in the second position. Catch all the action in the inaugural League Night broadcast from DBN here:

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