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Farren Jane Massacres the Competition

The 2021 edition of the Diplomacy tournament Boston Massacre was held virtually on June 26th (and the wee morning hours of June 27th, local time) and this year Farren Jane of Texas took first place. Farren burst on the Diplomacy scene during the 2020 lockdown, reaching the top boards of both the Virtual World Diplomacy Classic and the DBN Invitational. The Massacre win took place in spectacular fashion as the players in Farren’s last game voted for a conceded solo as France. The field in that game included the first and second place finishers from the last virtual tournament, Karthik Konath and Ed Sullivan, which highlights Farren’s accomplishment. Tournament Director Alex Maslow announced that Seren Kwok from the United Kingdom came in second at Massacre, with Morgante Pell of Vermont coming in third. Watch the full DBN coverage of all seven boards played in the Boston Massacre here:

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