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Konath Conquers Dixiecon

The 35th annual Dixiecon Diplomacy tournament was held May 28-30, with Karthik Konath of California edging out fellow University of Texas Longhorn Ed Sullivan for the victory. Johnny Gillam of Washington State finished in the third position. The event was held virtually on the vWDC Discord server, with Diplomacy and Speedboat games being run on the Backstabbr platform. Speaking of Speedboat, Dixiecon included the first known instance of a Speedboat tournament being held in conjunction with an overall Diplomacy tournament, with this inaugural event being won by Claes de Graaff of the Netherlands. Best country awards included Mikalis Kamaritis (A), Peter McNamara (E), Jaromir Sulja (F), Hal Schild (G), Claude Worrell (I), Evan Swihart (R) and Karthik Konath (T). Full coverage of this year’s event may be found on the DBN YouTube channel:

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