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Diplomats Cover Season Seven Final

Ed Sullivan’s podcast series on YouTube, The Diplomats, has just released two new episodes beginning their coverage of the Nexus Season 7 Main Event final. This is an extended deadline, online tournament played through the Nexus server on Discord. This particular Main Event features many players well known to the world of Diplomacy: top-ranked online player Jordan Conners of Washington state (Conq online), recent DBNI participant and defending main event champ Greg Matthews of British Columbia (Ewok or Village Idiot online), DBN personality and virtual Dixiecon winner Karthik Konath of California (Flying Boat), league and virtual Dip impresario John Anderson of Utah, longtime online player and Ewok mentor Tarsler, face-to-face and virtual veteran Matthew Crill of Washington, and Texas Ed Sullivan himself, a virtual tournament winner and Dip content creator. This very strong field should give the hobby something wonderful to see. The first episode features the power selection and player interviews ( with the second diving into Spring 1901 coverage Christopher Ward from England guest hosts the podcast.

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