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DBN Countdown Show Released

The latest edition of Countdown on the Diplomacy Broadcast Network was released on August 13, 2021. Coming after the first half of the Diplomacy season has finished, Countdown reports the current standings for selection to the DBN Invitational tournament to be held in February 2022. DBNI selection is based on a combination of automatic invites (based on winning events of sufficient size) and at-large bids to fill out the 28-person field. Automatic bids have been claimed so far by Cyrille Sevin (French virtual Champion), Jason Mastbaum (Whipping), Karthik Konath (Dixiecon) and Seren Kwok (Boston Massacre) while other players high in the standings include Ed Sullivan, Katie Gray and Matthew Crill. The show also features predictions, trash talking and the Bubble Watch from hosts Bryan Pravel and Zachary Moore. Check it out at

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