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The North American Diplomacy Federation supports and promotes the play of the board game Diplomacy in all its forms. The game is played face-to-face, of course, in the form of house games, club events, and tournaments. Many also play online, using web-based sites or smart phone apps. The pandemic has spawned a new way to play – virtual face-to-face, in which participants play on a web-based site while negotiating through Discord or some other digital communication method.

Whatever your preferred mode of play, the NADF is here for you. This site will help teach you the game if you are new to the Diplomacy hobby. It will connect you to hobby media and other resources. You can find out about upcoming tournaments, link to online games, or find other Diplomacy players in your local community. Above all, we are passionate about convincing folk to play, helping them improve their game, and connecting them with fellow hobbyists both in North America and around the world. Join us!

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Recent Content

Winter 2022 Diplomacy World Released

The Diplomacy hobby’s flagship publication Diplomacy World just released its 156th issue, chock full of varied and interesting Dip-related content. Variant Editor Bob Durf continues...

Zachary Moore Wins Hobby Award

The inaugural Hobby Ambassador of the Year award was announced recently by the editors of the Diplomacy Briefing newsletter. A committee of hobbyists was formed...

Virtual World Diplomacy Classic Logo, world map in grey overlaid with black vWDC initials.

Two-Type World Champ Named

Quebec resident Nicolas Sahuguet just took first place at the Virtual Diplomacy Championship on December 19th, becoming the first face to face World Dipcon champ...

Podcast Releases 100th Episode

The Diplomacy Games podcast, produced by Amby and Kaner from Brisbane, Australia, recently celebrated a significant milestone – 100 episodes! The latest one features the...

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