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The North American Diplomacy Federation supports and promotes the play of the board game Diplomacy in all its forms. The game is played face-to-face, of course, in the form of house games, club events, and tournaments. Many also play online, using web-based sites or smart phone apps. The pandemic has spawned a new way to play – virtual face-to-face, in which participants play on a web-based site while negotiating through Discord or some other digital communication method.

Whatever your preferred mode of play, the NADF is here for you. This site will help teach you the game if you are new to the Diplomacy hobby. It will connect you to hobby media and other resources. You can find out about upcoming tournaments, link to online games, or find other Diplomacy players in your local community. Above all, we are passionate about convincing folk to play, helping them improve their game, and connecting them with fellow hobbyists both in North America and around the world. Join us!

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Recent Content

Australian Wins Inaugural DBN Invitational

Longtime hobby powerhouse Peter McNamara from Australia has won the Calhamer Cup, as champion of the first-ever Diplomacy Broadcast Network Invitational. He topped the rest...

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DBN Invitational Top Board Set

The four preliminary rounds are now over for the inaugural Diplomacy Broadcast Network invitational, with the Super Seven having advanced to the top board to...

Two Solos Already in Invitational!

Rounds one and two of the DBN Invitational are in the bag, and the theme of the action from February 13 is “England.” Of the...

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The Invitational Starts this Weekend!

As a culmination of the 2020 season of Diplomacy play, which included some early face to face events as well as online tournaments and the...

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